The Island

Welcome to Kea

Kea or Tzia as the local people call it is a beautiful island, regarded as the “gate of the Cyclades” as it is very close to Attica. It is one hour by ferry from Lavrio Port, which is about 45 minutes drive from the Athens International Airport. The capital of Kea is called Ioulis, it is a picturesque village, inland and at high altitude. The port of Kea is called Korissia and another village with taverns / restaurants and bars is called Vourkari.

Sykamia beach

is of the best secluded beaches on the island. It is sandy with clear blue water. Although it is isolated and a bit far from the main road (3,2 Km dirt road, accessible by normal cars),  the unique scenery throughout the trip and the moments of serenity and relaxation by the sea, during day and night,  compensate the visitors. There are no taverns or restaurants nearby, offering to its visitors a sense of privacy and calmness.  It is ideal place for those who want to get away from the masses and enjoy the simplicity of nature.

The island

is a destination for lovers of scuba diving, as it has rich marine life, the visibility is excellent and in its seabed lay four wrecks: paddlewheel steamboat Patris, floating hospital Britannic (Titanic’s sister ship), French ocean liner Burdigala and a German Junkers 52 airplane from WWII.


Kea is also ideal for those passionate with hiking. There are twelve unique trails, which have been recorded, cleared and signaled with wooden signs, mapped and certified with ISO 9001:2000. These hiking trails are mostly paved routes of 70 kilometers total length. Hikers will discover the unknown parts of the island. The highlight is the trail which ends up in the ancient state of Karthaia, which offers ancient beauty, as well as a unique natural setting.